TFT – New game!


DFSocial Team is proud to announce the inclusion of TFT (Teamfight Tactics) in DFSocial Gaming platform. We will soon announce the first tournament of this exciting mode included in LoL (League of Legends), so stay tuned as we have some surprises ready for March!

TFT has a player base of approximately 33 million players on a monthly basis. It’s a game mode that Riot added to its best product in 2019, and has been a hit ever since. It also features a randomisation system that makes it especially interesting for organising events or tournaments. For example, a semi-professional player can beat a professional player a high percentage of the times, compared to other games.

All information about this game mode, such as news, rules and new updates can be found on its official homepage.

Game on!

— DFSocial Team.

About DFSocial

DFSocial Gaming is a De-Fi video game platform specializing in tournaments to reward users of the platform in cryptocurrency based on their performance. DFSocial separates itself from the rest of the pack is the unique Gamer/Sponsor dynamic that allows anyone (even if you’re not a gamer) to reap the benefits of juicy prize pools. This feat can be achieved by “Sponsoring” a player, resulting in gaming prizes being distributed automatically via smart contracts. Staking and Farming services are available to earn additional rewards.

The DFSocial ecosystem also has an NFT Marketplace with our proprietary system of NFT Auctions. Offering a wider variety of games than other crypto-gaming platforms, our loyal community regularly calls the shots as their votes on future games is the final word.

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