Minecraft Server Rules


We have made a list of rules to make sure everyone enjoys themselves on our Network. Most of these are very simple but this set of rules must be followed. Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment.

Chat rules

This set of rules covers how you should behave in chat and how you should expect others to behave. The general rule of thumb is “If I would not want a player to do this to me, I should not do it to anyone else”


Spamming on the server is not allowed. This disturbs other players and floods the chat. Sending three or more (similar) messages in quick succession will result in a punishment.
This also includes flooding the chat with messages that could have been sent as a single message.

Character flooding

Character flooding is defined as sending a lot of useless characters in one message in order to intentionally flood the chat. This includes big copy-paste messages in Discord. 

Minor flooding such as “LOOOOL” is allowed, but will be disallowed if it is being used to intentionally flood the chat. 

Spam encouragement

Encouraging spam in any way is not allowed and will result in a punishment if it results in spam.

An example of spam encouragement is:
“The first person to say A will receive B”

If someone is encouraging spam, that does not mean you are allowed to spam. You still have to follow the rules and will be punished if you break them.

Inappropriate chat content

We want to keep our network a safe place for players of all age groups and therefore sending any inappropriate messages/pictures is not allowed. This rule covers sending any sexual content, encouragement of alcohol, violence and drugs and other content inappropriate for players under the age of 16. This also includes joining any of our platforms with an inappropriate username and excessive swearing.

Player disrespect

Disrespecting players by insulting them, consistently being disrespectful towards them or wasting their time over a prolonged period of time will result in a punishment. This includes consistently swearing at a player.

Staff disrespect

As our staff team puts a lot of work and effort into improving and sustaining your playing experience on our network. Disrespecting them is strictly disallowed. This includes calling them “a bad staff member” and other insults aimed at their job. 

Anything that falls under player disrespect aimed at a staff member will be punished as staff disrespect.


Discrimination of any player(s) is not tolerated in any way and will always result in a severe punishment. Discrimination is only punishable if aimed in any way towards any player(s).

This covers discriminating your own friends. If you discriminate against a friend it does not matter if they are insulted by that or not, you will receive a punishment.


Racism is not tolerated at all, unlike discrimination any racist term will result in a punishment, whether aimed at a player or not.

Severe offences

This set of rules covers severe offenses, all offenses here are strictly not allowed on our network as they can seriously impact someone’s real life. 

Death threats / suicide encouragement

Threatening to end another player’s life, can seriously affect and impact the other player. If anything you say can be interpreted as a death threat, you will receive a punishment.

This includes jokingly saying “kys” towards a friend as it still can be interpreted as a death threat.

DDOS threats/attacks

Any threats of DDOSing another player or the network will result in a punishment. We take the security of our network and our players very seriously and will not allow that to be compromised by anyone.

Doxing (threats)

Doxing (publishing any personal information), or threatening to dox a player will result in a severe punishment.

If you happen to know the first name of a player, saying it in chat is not directly disallowed.

However, if the player contacts staff saying that they do not want their first name to be known, you will receive a punishment

Sending suspicious links

As certain links could be any type of IP-grabber, sending links that (might) lead to unknown sites will result in a severe punishment. If you send a link in chat and we can’t verify if it’s secure to click, it will be deemed suspicious and will result in a permanent ban.

Server offenses

This set of rules covers how you should behave whilst being online on the Minecraft Network, the chat rules on the network are essentially the same but there are some additional rules to ensure everyone has a fair playing environment

Bug abuse

Abusing any bug, whether Minecraft related, plugin related or Discord related, will result in a punishment based on the severity of the abuse.

This includes minor bugs, such as ender pearling into a disallowed area (in order to escape combat for example) but also covers major bugs, such as item duplication glitches.

The punishment will be based on the severity of the bug, but also based on the amount you have abused it.

If you run into a bug and report it instantly without intentionally abusing it, you will not receive a punishment unless you have gained an illegal advantage.

Illegal land claiming

Any claim has a default protection radius of 2 chunks, this means that you are unable to claim a chunk within 2 chunks of an existing claim. If you claim chunks in order to block another player from claiming a chunk resulting in them not being able to properly expand their base, your claim will be removed and you might receive a punishment.

Punishment evasion

Evading a punishment by using an alternate account will result in that account being punished for the same duration as the original account was punished for.

Wasting staff time

Wasting staff time by submitting multiple tickets, helpop requests or constantly asking staff the same question will result in a punishment. Our staff team’s time is valuable and we will not allow that to be wasted like this. 

IRL trading

Selling any real-life money product for in-game items is not allowed. This includes advertising of IRL trading. We want to offer a free to play experience for everyone and we do not want anyone to break that goal by selling in-game products for IRL items.


Advertising any server non-DFSocial, whether it being a discord, minecraft, or another platform, is not allowed. Depending on the type of advertisement, you will receive a punishment.

This excludes Hypixel, as everyone already knows the server and we don’t mind you playing some of their minigames with friends.


Scamming is agreeing to make a deal and forfeiting the deal when you received your part of the trade. If you make a deal and receive your part of the deal you have to complete your part of the deal. If you do not do so you will lose all of the items received from the trade and face a punishment.

Make sure to have evidence of the following parts of a deal:

  • What items/perks the deal are disclosed
  • The items/perks being given to you/the other player

Always make sure to also keep evidence of yourself completing the deal, as someone can always make a false report resulting in you (incorrectly) receiving a punishment.


Teleporting players to you and killing/trapping them is not allowed. Everyone works hard to gather their items and nobody wants to lose their items. Doing this will result in a punishment.


Destroying land or player-built structures that do not belong to you is punishable as long as it is clear the structure was not built by you. 


Griefing your team’s claimed chunks/builds and leaving the team right after is not allowed. 

Unfair advantage

Using any hack that gives you an (unfair) advantage over other players is strictly not allowed. This includes using a hacked client to log into our network, using X-ray texture packs or clients or using autoclickers.

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