Minecraft Server Opening!


After the recent updates and new tournaments announcements, we bring more exciting news: the Minecraft server is live!

🔴 Live Server: mc.dfsocial.com

In the future, we will be able to host our tournaments on this server as well, to allow our most motivated Minecraft players to earn $DFSG by playing on the server! 

We have already prepared a set of special maps for these tournaments to take place on! 

Next to the fact we have put together a highly motivated team of Minecraft experts to make sure these tournaments will be extremely fun and fair to participate in!

Make sure to join our Discord server as well and click the “Minecraft” button in #roles to get a notification as soon as we announce anything related to the Minecraft server and its tournaments!

The server

The aim of the server is to provide a free-to-play vanilla Minecraft experience to all users. This is done by limiting the commands that affect vanilla gameplay, such as /tp and /home and completely removing in-game money.

Network rules

To make sure you don’t (accidentally) break any of our rules, we have created another website with all of them listed. Make sure to read them carefully and start having fun!
Click here to visit the rules article

When will the server be released? 

The network is already live and you can log into our hub on mc.dfsocial.com! The SMP world will be opened at 3.30PM UTC on Tuesday the 3rd of May.

How do you start?

The first command you should try is /rtp or /wild, this will teleport you to a random location in the world, so you can explore the area.

Claiming land

To make sure everyone can play whilst not being affected by other players, it is possible to claim your own private piece of land and add your friends to said land, up to a maximum of 10. 

To create a land, you have to execute the command “/land create <name>”, if you do not provide a name, your username will be used as the land name. 

After you have created a land, you can execute the command /land claim, this will claim the chunk (16×16) you are standing in. You can view the chunk borders by using F3+G if you are playing on Minecraft 1.10+. If you are playing Minecraft 1.9, we recommend you upgrade your version to our recommended 1.18.2. 

The amount of chunks you can claim is limited, you start out with a maximum of 9 chunks and you get more lands by playing, without a limit. Make sure not to break the rules we have about AFK’ing as you can only AFK for 1 hour. Make sure to do /land setspawn, so you will always be able to get back to your land if you ever got lost.

Viewing your land

If you ever get lost, the command /land home will teleport you back to your land. This is one of the few teleportation commands you are able to use as we aim to make the server as vanilla as possible. 

If you want to view your land you can do /land map, this will show you your claims and other players’ claims in the area, if you want,  you can expand your claim by clicking the area’s on this map. 

Claiming free items

If you execute the command /vote you will receive a few vote links for you to vote on. As this greatly helps out the server you will also receive an epic ingame reward for your effort! Make sure to be online when you vote so you will not miss out on your reward.

Trading items

Obviously, you can trade your items with other players, to do this in a safe way you can choose between 2 options.

Option 1: Trade shop

  1. Place a chest.
  2. Place a sign on top of or around the chest.
  3. Write [trade] on the top row of the sign.
  4. Use /ts addCost <number> while holding the item you want to receive as payment in your hand.
  5. Use /ts addProduct <number> while holding the item you want to sell in your hand.

You can set up an automatic trading shop connected to a chest, and a player can trade the items you want for the items you sell. This will also work when you are offline.

There is no option to trade using in-game money, as in-game money is disabled.

Option 2: The trade command

By using /trade while you are near another player you will send a request to that player to trade with him. The moment you have done this, the other player can accept the trade and you will both enter a gui. You will see what items the player will give to you and what items the player will give you. After this, when you both accept the trade a countdown will start and the items will be traded. 

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