Changes & Updates – May 2022


Dear Community,

During this past year, we’ve seen how gaming and Play2Earn projects have exploded. The DFSocial team has created a functional platform with a wide variety of popular games where everyone can earn, even if you are not a gamer. 

Today we are introducing changes that have been implemented with the following main objectives in mind:

  • Reduce inflation.
  • Make the registration process easier to understand and execute.
  • Attract new gamers, sponsors and investors.

We are very excited about all that we have accomplished so far, so let’s get into the details!



New SuperGaming smart contract! It has been funded with 500,000 DFSG from the Gaming Reserves.

Changes regarding the registering of gamers:

  • The locking tokens method is replaced by a small entry fee (in USD). Registering for a tournament now has now a fixed cost (the value varies depending on the tournament).
  • Available payment methods: $DFSG, $USDT & $BNB. If the users pay with $BNB or $USDT, these will be automatically converted to $DFSG by making a buy on Pancakeswap pool.

For example, if there is a tournament which entry cost is $10, the price of BNB is $400 and the price of DFSG is $0,025, users are able to register by paying one of the following:

      • 10 $USDT
      • 10 / 400 = 0,025 $BNB
      • 10 / 0,025 = 400 $DFSG
  • Sponsors registering more than 2 teams for the same tournament will receive a 50% discount on the following registrations. Following the previous example, if a sponsor register four teams, the required amount is:

      • 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 30 $USDT
      • 30 / 400 = 0,075 $BNB
      • 30 / 0,025= 1200 $DFSG
The table below shows the total cost of sponsoring a different number of teams for a tournament with an entry fee of $10:

Number of Sponsored Teams – Total Cost (tournament with $10 entry fee)

The distribution of the tokens has also been changed. Let’s see how is the prizepool calculated and how are the collected fees distributed:

  • Total Prizepool:
    • 75% Entries fees
    • +
    • X $DFSG per registration (X varies depending on the tournament)
  • Entries fees:
    • 75% added to the Prizepool 
    • 10% added automatically as liquidity to Pancake and burned.
    • 5% DFSocial.
    • 5% New Staking Pool.
    • 5% Burned

Note: Transactions (liquidity, burn, staking…) will be automatically made for each tournament when sending the rewards by the SuperGaming.


WEBSITE [Updated]

  • Improved the user experience.
  • View tournament information such as registered players without needing Metamask.
  • Possibility of games APIs integrations.
  • Gaming platform update: All the tournaments are on only one site. Filter by game or date, register yourself, sponsor gamers, track your stats & more… All in the same place! 


  • New pool with variable and unlimited APY to reward big holders.
  • Allocation: 1 million $DFSG.
  • More details coming soon. Starting in May!


New burning mechanisms implemented to make the ecosystem’s token ($DFSG) even scarcer:

  • 5% of the amount collected from registrations will be burned.
  • 10% of the amount collected from registrations will be added as liquidity ($BNB-$DFSG Pancakeswap pool) and the LP tokens will be burnt
  • New huge burn transaction is coming soon!
Burns make the total supply of the token lower, so we can say that, thanks to these new mechanisms, the value associated with each token will increase.
These changes affect the fundamentals of token distribution, so we will be updating them very soon, and we will burn all leftover tokens. But that’s not all! DFSocial Team keeps working on exciting new services and improvements. If you have any kind of feedback or a great idea come to your head, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram or Discord and tell us!
By way of conclusion, the changes mentioned above serve to reinforce the following idea: all DFSocial users (gamers, sponsors, investors…) will benefit more the more participation occurs in the ecosystem (more gamers, more sponsors, more stakers, etc…). 
Game on!

— DFSocial Team.


About DFSocial

DFSocial Gaming is a gaming blockchain-based ecosystem specializing in tournaments to reward users of the platform in tokens based on their performance. DFSocial separates itself from the rest of the pack is the unique Gamer/Sponsor dynamic that allows anyone (even if you’re not a gamer) to reap the benefits of juicy prize pools. This feat can be achieved by “Sponsoring” a player, resulting in gaming prizes being distributed 60/40 automatically via smart contracts. Staking and Farming services are available to earn additional rewards.

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